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Hi! I’m Tom Andrews. Thanks for taking the time to visit my project,

I devote my time to psychology and mental health research, and I’ve learned how frustrating it can be to access high-quality information in this essential but badly understood field.

After graduating from the University of London, a hub of medical and scientific research, I decided to pursue a career in a non-clinical setting. However, I have maintained a keen interest in topics including neuroscience and psychology.

I started this site to write on mental health in a totally independent and personal capacity. It gives me the freedom to share my thoughts and my take on the most interesting research emerging in this field. I also write reviews and pay keen attention to the field of nutritional supplements and nootropics.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking and climbing. I also participated in amateur boxing before leaving to avoid the well-known long-term health complications of the sport!

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Our History

This page is for archival purposes only. To ask Bill about his ongoing projects, please reach out to him here.

Inspirational Media: Mental Wellness Today was originally founded to bring hope, dignity and support by providing inspiration and information about mental health issues. It provided a wide variety of products and services for consumers, caregivers, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and associations throughout North America.

Valuable Mental Health Resources: Mental Wellness Today began as an initiative of parent company, Magpie Media Inc., which was incorporated in March 1994 by Bill MacPhee as a means to provide hope and information for those wanting to achieve mental wellness. The company grew tremendously in a few short years and launched outlets on various mediums providing valuable information to those affected by mental illness.

Mental Wellness Today is proud to provide valuable resources and services for groups or individuals seeking to improve their mental wellness.

Patient and Caregiver Advocacy: We are pleased to introduce you to Ambassadors for Mental Wellness; advocating on behalf of mental illness patients and caregivers. This advocacy initiative allows us to focus on a few key areas that are close to our hearts, without taking away from our other initiatives that you already know and love. Check it out and see how we can help you get your voice heard!

Please visit our Contact Us page as we would be pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding our resources.